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Our innovative staff has over thirty years experience creating custom canvas for the Military, Government, Commercial, Marine and Residential Applications.

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Deck, Patio and Porch Enclosures
Call us and we will help navigate towards the ideal solution for your challenge or project.
The Premium Soft Panel System is durable and attractive, made from synthetic canvas and 0.030 clear extruded vinyl, fabricated in various colors, combinations and configurations. Customarily, we make the edges double ply with either snaps or grommets in any combination needed to secure to walls, ceiling and floors. These panels can come with zipper doors, U-zip windows, that manually roll up and secure with straps. These panels can be zipped together at corners and along adjoining walls for extra air tightness. Entire wall panels can be rolled up and secured with straps as well.

This porch is enclosed with soft panels that utilizes tracking across the top to provide a water tight seal when there is no overhang. Soft panels are flat, smooth and nearly visible upon installation. These panels allow light in and keep the elements out while you enjoy your view. The snaps and borders showing typical layout on a panel. The tracking system, unobtrusive and watertight.

Before After Before After
Before After

Jeanís Canvas custom fabricates and installs beautiful and functional enclosures for any home.  All we need are a few photos, and some basic measurements and we will provide a quote within 24 hours. When you make your decision to proceed with the project we will come to your home, if you are local, and remove any old enclosure, measure, pattern, fabricate and fully install your new Enclosure.  Our Premium Snap on System is available as a do-it-yourself project if you are not local, and we can walk you through the process should you choose.


The home pictured was fully enclosed with our Premium Snap on System so the homeowner could enjoy their whirlpool, deck bar and kitchen, year round.

Before - No Curtains After - Curtains Applied Interior Curtains Closed Interior Closed Curtains
The Porch Enclosure features our tracking system with drapery that can be pulled along a rod or track for easy opening and closing. This option provides an attractive design option for both privacy and moderate protection from the elements.
This deck enclosure is our snap on system features u-zip windows with screens and a canopy roof. The roof is built with our truss work and a lace on skin for strength and a crisp finish.
Before Exterior After Exterior Before Interior After Interior
This porch is enclosed entirely with our Snap on System. The windows were fabricated in order to have and unobstructed view of the property.

This Snap on System was fabricated from our 18oz heavy weight vinyl.  This kind of enclosure is utilized to winterize summer structures and contents.

The Rigid Panel System consists of configuring aluminum or steel framed panels with synthetic canvas and 0.030 clear extruded vinyl stretched over them. The panels are then installed, forming walls and doors of your deck, patio or porch. These panels are custom made to size with any combination of U-zip windows, rigid and zipper doors. The rigid panel system provides an airtight, four season room.
This entire porch enclosure is our Rigid Panels system. Details included a tip out window for ventilation, a commercial storm door and many U-zip windows. This is a traditional style and design for most homes but here at Jean's Canvas we can help you achieve anything you can conceive.
This porch enclosure features our complete Rigid Panel System in a tracking design configuration.


Before After
Before After After After
These panels slide open to allow outdoor access along with a zipper door to the house, when the weather is colder. This system allows you to heat and cool your extra space.

This Rigid Panel installation was added a 3 season room to this home.  We fabricated this enclosure with the canvas and screening, sliding doors and a full roof.  We could also make this a stand alone room, separate from your home.

Before After Before After
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These Rigid Panels were fabricated from the clear Polycarbonate and were installed to act as a wind blocker for this porch. We can also provide panels for wind blocking in our   clear 0.020 rollglass, 0.030 rollglass, 0.030 extruded and 0.030 sheet glass.  These panels can be installed and removed as the seasons change and stored easily.  

The Roll Panel System is fabricated from the same synthetic canvas and 0.030 clear extruded vinyl as our Premium Soft Panel System. These panels are installed along the top edge and rigged with pipes and lines to lower free to the floor. The panels may be configured with U-zip windows and grommets to anchor the panels to the floor if needed. These panels provide moderate protection from the elements and provide long time use when installed and handled properly.
  Before After  
This enclosure is our roll down system made with canvas only, to provide privacy. These panels can be made in all clear 0.030 clear extruded vinyl for full view.
Solair Power Screen / Fabric or Clear

This outdoor kitchen was enclosed using our Solair Power screens.  These mechanical screens make a beautiful and secure way to protect your valuable fixtures from the elements and theft.





DIY - Customer Measured & Installed

Contact Us for your DIY projects and we will walk you through the process

Outdoor Curtain
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Roll Up Curtain
Porch Enclosure - Clear vinyl can be rolled up or removed with additional windows that can be closed for total privacy

Porch-enclosurePorch Enclosure - We can accommodate any special requirement like this pet door we built into this customers project.     



Residential Porch Enclosure using Rigid Panels

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Our objective is to exceed your expectations & offer innovative ideas using state of the art techniques with the best quality products to design your custom canvas. We are a full service custom canvas fabricator that  make's every effort to discuss all the details of your project and involve you with the design process.


  Our custom canvas shop has been manufacturing marine canvas applications, boat covers, residential enclosures & awnings, commercial awnings & upholstery,  industrial enclosures & miscellaneous custom canvas for over thirty years. We take pride in our custom canvas design and use only  the quality products such as Sunbrella, Stamoid, Stratglass & Crystal Clear. We can create custom patio/porch enclosures, deck enclosures, grille covers, gazebo enclosures, privacy curtains and bar covers to your specifications.

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